Team Sign Generator

Thank you for trying our Sports Team Sign Generator. Toward the bottom of this page you will find instructions on creating your sign, along with a sample image that we created. For more attractive prints, we recommend making your sign with a colored background. These signs generate as .pdf files and can be taken to Office Max, Staples ect.. and printed on their digital printer for under $1. They can also be taken to any local print shop and enlarged to the size of your choice.

Please Choose Your Page Background and Page Border Colors



Please Choose Your Colors for the Following Words:





Please type in your team colors and also choose the corresponding color:

Please Enter Your Team Nickname and Display Color


The image below should help you correspond the color fields above with the actual text. We realize when creating these team signs it is very difficult for you to choose, by eye, an exact color match of your team's colors/logo. Each color picker shows a Hexadecimal(6 digit code) that represents the exact color your are choosing. Once you find your color codes you can copy and paste that code into the other color pickers. Listed below are a few different ways for you to pull the exact colors of your teams:

1. If you use the Firefox or Chrome web browser, download the Firefox Colorzilla Plugin or Chrome Colorzilla, you can go to any image, webpage ect.. and click anywhere on your screen for exact color picking. Just copy that color code and paste it in our generator.

2. Pretty much all image editing software, Photoshop, Gimp ect.. has color pickers built in. Simply open up your team logo into one of these programs to get your color codes.

3. Here is a cool little online tool that will let you upload an image from your computer to their website and pull the colors from it.

Please Contact Us with any questions or feedback.